I love a defunding fight as much as anyone, but I really want to see ObamaCare get a stake through its heart via widespread civil disobedience. If people refuse to sign up for ObamaCare, the program collapses. Nothing would be more satisfying than to see ObamaCare go the way of Prohibition (without the violence): as something else that pushed the wonderfully unruly American people too far.

Contrary to what the media are telling you, the shutdown is not helping ObamaCare. Again and again, conservatives have been taunted by the media with the cry of, “If you hadn’t shut down the government, we’d be covering the ObamaCare launch debacle.”


The media are covering the ObamaCare launch debacle, and the coverage is the Obama administration’s worst nightmare because the shutdown has made it impossible for the White House to come up with a plan that would instruct the media in how to mitigate the damage.

You see, if there was no shutdown, the media coverage of the launch would not be anywhere as negative for the White House as it is now, and here is why…

1. The White House Can’t Do Damage Control – Right now the media and the White House are covering the ObamaCare launch debacle in stark, one-dimensional terms: It is an expensive, disappointing, big government  debacle. Both are too overwhelmed to figure out a way to make it look less worse, which we all know would happen if they had the time and resources.

2. The White House Can’t Gameplan a Plan B – While the administration obviously bungled the launch, when it comes to cleaning up a mess, this White House can usually move pretty fast. This time the White House can’t. They and the media are too bogged down in the shutdown. With some breathing room, the White House might have been able to set up a massive call center staffed with volunteers — something, anything to get people signed up. But even if they do, there is just no media space available to spread the word.

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