A hard-hitting video just released by FreedomProject Education (FPE) exposes some of the myriad dangers to liberty and education stemming from Common Core, a deeply controversial scheme to nationalize education standards being pushed by the Obama administration and a coalition of its establishment allies. While only a little over an hour long, the presentation, led by two education experts, offers a concise explanation of the threat and is sure to outrage parents, regardless of political affiliation. Elements of Common Core are already in place across America, and the picture is not pretty.

From the start, leaders at FPE, an online K-12 school offering classical education rooted in Judeo-Christian values, have expressed strong opposition to Common Core and the federalization of schooling. The school boasts of its independence from government — and especially the radical effort to standardize all education by federal authorities and establishment-minded billionaires like Bill Gates. However, as the presenters point out early on in the video, most Americans have never even heard of Common Core. That must change, or the consequences for education, state and local governance, and even the future of America could be dire.

Dr. Duke Pesta, academic director at FPE and an English professor at the University of Wisconsin, compared the effort to impose Common Core and associated government schemes on the American people to a frog being boiled alive over time. It is slow, steady, but goes unnoticed until it is too late. He also said Common Core and related measures represent a “Trojan horse” being used for the implementation of numerous other big-government schemes — particularly the unprecedented gathering of personal information on America’s children and families by Washington, D.C.

“Yet another threat posed by Common Core is the absolute appropriation of Soviet ideology and propaganda in the constructing of Common Core and its implementation,” said Dr. Pesta, citing federal documents outlining elements of the schemes. “A year from now, a year and a half from now, it will be so entrenched in the schools that there can be no modifications.” And so, the opposition must get to work now.

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