Where was the MSM when Egyptians went on the largest anti-terrorism rally in the history of the world last July 26th? When millions of peaceful protestors took the streets to publicly announce to the world that they authorize the military and police to fight Muslim Brotherhood (MB) terrorists and their al-Qaeda operatives?

I’m certainly not surprised that the Obama regime is siding with the MB and al-Qaeda militants that have declared total war on Egypt, as I reported last July, where MB terrorists stated that they will burn Christians alive, set Egypt on fire, and kill military officials, as MSM and this administration shamelessly calls the murders with automatic rifles and machetes, “demonstrators!”Screen Shot 2013-08-16 at 1.16.39 PM

While al-Qaeda and MB terrorists are currently fulfilling their promises of mass murder and pyromania in the greatest wave of pre-planned organized terror in the history of Egypt, that has been ongoing since Morsi’s installation in power and intensified in the past fifty days reaching its peak on August 14th, only few Western media outlets support Egypt’s lonely war on MB terrorists, but I will be discussing this in a different post.

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