When you, as a citizen of this country, see that your government is eroding freedoms, trampling liberty and moving ever closer to enslaving the citizenry, what do you do? Well, if you are like me, you write letters to your Senators and Representatives, get involved with organizations that monitor what is going on nationally and locally, sign petitions opposing actions to send to Congress, talk with everyone you know about the issues, stand up against local laws that trample your God-given rights and call your Senators and Representatives to inform them of your support or opposition to certain legislation. Sometimes they listen; sometimes they don’t. So what do you do when your elected officials turn a deaf ear to your concerns?

Being faced with this situation on the national level, it was not hard to take the next step. Since subscribing to Campaign 4 Liberty, emails from that organization along with emails from Sen. Rand Paul flood my inbox daily. All of the emails from Sen. Paul request donations which I gladly gave on issues I support strongly. Maybe my thinking is simple or maybe I expect more courtesy than what is left in the world; but, here is the way I see it – if you are going to ask me for money, even though I am not one of your constituents, and I graciously donate, you owe me the courtesy of answering any questions I have when I write a carefully thought out, non-emotional, rational, common sense letter directly to you.

In June, I penned a letter to Senator Rand Paul regarding several issues occurring in the federal government that I could not get answered or addressed by my own elected officials. I even acknowledged in the letter to Sen. Paul that I was not a constituent of his state; however, since he was soliciting my monetary support, then it was only courteous to address additional issues that concerned me. As of today, I still have not received a response. Until I receive a response, Sen. Paul or his organization gets not one more red cent of my money for any issue.

As a resident of Georgia, Sen. Saxby Chambliss, Sen. Johnny Isakson and Rep. Hank Johnson have all received letters and calls from me. Only twice have I ever spoke with a live person – Saxby Chambliss’ office staff are very cordial and concerned about certain issues, but are silent on others. The voice mail for Isakson and Johnson are very straightforward, but I wonder if they even listen to the messages. It’s very embarrassing to admit you are represented by the man who was concerned about Guam tipping over from too many people, but it is what it is – I voted for the other guy. I have never seen Hank Johnson, never talked to the man and he certainly has not ever made an attempt to get “in touch” with individuals in my neck of the woods who reside in his district. Therefore, one could say that some voters in Johnson’s district are less than represented by this man even though he occupies a seat in Congress. But, I digress.

My letter was straightforward, tackling the elephants in the room that everyone knows is there but continually steps around them. The issues I want Sen. Paul to address and let me know what measures he is actively engaged in rectifying these problems were: inadequate representation of America’s population because of a “freeze” on representatives put in place in 1913; the federal government trampling of the First Amendment, not by actual law, but by actions that would make it appear there is a law restricting First Amendment provisions – specifically the establishment of religion, using the egregious “establishment” interpretation applied by the Supreme Court, in the government’s awarding “special status” to Islam (yes, I named it directly); the failure of the federal government to protect its citizens from invasion through our borders and insurrection by Islam (yes, I said it directly); the inequitable application of the law; and, the unilateral “law making” by the man currently holding the office of the President. The basic question covering all these issues was: with our creature (the federal government) now operating outside the enumerated powers contained in the Constitution for going on 100 years now, how is one individual citizen prevented from the conclusion the government is moving toward oppression and tyrannical power as evidenced by erosion and trampling of individual God-given rights by the very government that was established by the people and limited in power to ensure the people retain life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?
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