Ready for Hillary, the super PAC that’s preparing for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s possible second run for the White House, has rented the email list of her supporters from her 2008 presidential campaign.

The super PAC emailed the people on the Clinton list with an offer of free  “I’m Ready for Hillary” bumper stickers, reports Time Magazine.

PAC spokesman Seth Bringman acknowledged that his group rented the email list in hopes of connecting with Clinton’s past supporters.

The former first lady has not officially announced her intention to run, but the move could be an indication of how seriously she is considering her bid.

The rental is allowed because Clinton has not yet declared her candidacy. By law, super PACs can’t coordinate directly candidates once they declare they’re running.

Clinton, considered the potential frontrunner for the Democratic nomination, is already gaining a groundswell of support, with the Ready for Hillary PAC and other outside groups already forming to lay the groundwork for her campaign. She has said she will decide sometime this year on whether she’ll run again.