After almost succumbing to a schizophrenic’s shooting spree that killed six innocent people in an Arizona parking lot, former congresswoman Gabby Giffords has become the poster child for gun control.

Seated in the first lady’s skybox for the president’s State of the Union address, Gabby Giffords and husband, Mark Kelly, were among a group of selected VIPs, all of whom had their lives negatively impacted by gun violence.

Wearing their gun violence awareness ribbons on their lapels, the Kellys’ presence was a powerful addition to the “They deserve a vote” portion of the SOTU.  At the end of the address, Obama segued into a roll call of names and implied that they, on the merit of tragic circumstances, deserved a vote to ensure stricter gun laws.

The list included slain Chicago teen Hadiya Pendleton’s parents, as well as victims of Sandy Hook. That was when Obama boldly declared, “Gabby Giffords deserves a vote!” With that, the camera panned to Gabby and Mark.  Mark was clapping and standing beside him was Gabby, shaking her clasped hands to-and-fro like she was playing the cabasa in the school recital.  It was a picture worth 1,000 words.

The power of seeing a husband supporting a wife suffering from a catastrophic brain injury was undeniable. After the heart-stirring visual, the sycophant media ordained Captain Kelly an “outspoken advocate for new gun control measures.”

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