Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt spoke with Chris Wallace on “Fox News Sunday”about the rolling back of some of the extreme regulatory overreach from the Obama administration.

He intimated that the new administration is committed to the environment, but intends to do so while respecting the ‘rule of law.’    He argued that there’s no progress being made with clean air, because of the way the Obama administration attempted to regulate it without going through Congress.   He says, all they’re doing is ‘spending money on litigation.’

Chris Wallace offered some pressing questions about environmental concerns, and Mr. Pruitt responded with some interesting comments – proposing that it isn’t the Federal Government’s job to do some of these things they’re doing.  It should be left to state and local governments.

Good interview…watch:

CNS News reports – Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt told “Fox News Sunday” that President Donald Trump is keeping his promise “to rollback regulatory overreaches” that have occurred during the Obama administration.

“I think what’s important this past week is to recognize that the president is keeping his promise to the American people to rollback regulatory overreaches that have been occurring the last couple of years. And as you know, the Clean Power Plan is subject to a U.S. Supreme Court state,” Pruitt said.

“The steps have been taken by the EPA historically. They’ve equally been challenged several times with respective CO2 regulation, and each of those times, the Supreme Court and courts have said that the power that has been used has been an overreach,” he said.

“And so, the president is keeping his promise to deal with that overreach, Chris. It doesn’t mean that clean air and clean water is not going to be the focus in the future. We’re just going to do it right within the consistency of the framework that Congress has passed,” Pruitt added.

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