Just when you thought the Obama Administration couldn’t do anything that could make them more closely resemble the stereotype formed by the liberal accusations against George W. Bush, he finds a new way to imitate him. Not satisfied with expanding the use of drones and launching over six times as many strikes as Bush—with more expansions to come in his second term—Obama is now warning that a Middle East dictator has WMD. Liberals never tired of accusing Bush for lying about the possibility of Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq. But now the Obama Administration is claiming that Assad is getting ready to use chemical weapons.

Consistent with Obama’s humanitarian facelift to Bush’s foreign policy, Obama is claiming to be worried about the possibility that Assad might use the chemical weapons on his own people. But no one finds much reason to believe Obama’s accusations. The Russians definitely think it is a false claim. Of course, many Americans would not expect the Russians to admit that their ally was going to use chemical weapons. They are on the side of the government of Syria.

But what about Matt Drudge? He tweeted this week,

“Obama playing up ‘WMD’ threat in Syria is bold and hysterical. Who will go to UN to show ‘evidence’ this time? Maybe one of the Rices…”