The world is chaotic enough without having “leadership” contribute to the mayhem.  Responsible leadership has a stabilizing effect.  When leadership is destabilizing, one of three things must be true: either that leadership is purposefully destabilizing, or it is incompetent, or both.

Authoritative Islam, encouraged in its aggression by an accommodating administration, is on the march worldwide.  The Arab Spring, blossoming thanks to Obama’s horticulture, has been hijacked by sultans pressing the new Caliphate. From the beginning in 2009, with his sermon in Cairo, it has been all drama Obama.

First he is for Israel, then he is against Israel, then he decries terrorism, then he supports Hamas and sends it millions, then he is for a united Jerusalem, then he wants the city divided.  All drama Obama always wants it both ways, and the middle too, leaving everyone in confusion.

Confusion is great diversion providing aggressors cover for attack. Hence, all drama Obama comes up with the war on women, Romney killed a woman, Republicans favor the 1%, Occupy Wall Street is great, Tea Party people are racists, America is the problem, Obama is the solution.