I was scanning the internet the other day and came across an article on Daily MailOnline regarding swearing and how “researchers” have determined it is good for us.

There was an actual study commissioned in England and presented to the British Psychological Society.

I thought, “Okay – this should be good”, and proceeded to read.

Evidently, the researchers surmised that, “Swearing is a harmless emotional release which could make you feel stronger, though only in moderation.”

It was then that I recalled hearing Rush Limbaugh reporting on something similar, quite a while ago. Sure enough, I found such an article from May, 2012 entitled, “Hell Yes: The Seven Best Reasons for Swearing”. By Dr. Neel Burton, M.D.

Reason number one was “Pain Relief”. All right – I get that one. Stubbing your toe, closing the door on your finger, etc. will almost certainly cause one to blurt out something foul. Everyone does it, most likely.

Reason number two: “Power and Control”. Dr. Burton claims that, “By swearing we show, if only to ourselves, that we are not passive victims but empowered to react and fight back. This can boost our confidence and self-esteem, and also provide the impetus for further corrective action to be taken.”

Well, we certainly know that in America today, it’s all about “self-esteem”, but it’s a stretch to claim that that foul language can boost one’s confidence.

Reason three explained that, “Instead of punching someone in the face or worse, we channel and disarm our anger by swearing instead.”

Yes, calling someone an f’ing a-hole is a lot more constructive and will certainly put the other party at ease.

Number 4 – Humor: Apparently, “It represents a release from normal social constraints”, and dovetails with number 5 which is “Peer and Social Bonding”. The good doctor tells us that, “Swearing can serve to show that we belong in a certain group, or that we are able to be ourselves and so wholly comfortable with the members of that group. If done correctly, it can also signal that we are open, honest, self-deprecating, easy going, and barrel loads of fun.”

Reason 6 is “Self-Expression”: “Swearing can be a way of showing that we really mean something or that it’s really important to us. That’s why swearing is so much a part of any sport. It also broadens our register and makes us more lively and interesting, being used, for example, to add emphasis or ‘punch’ to our speech.”

Okay, the heck with number 7. I’ve had enough of this nonsense.

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