Allen B. West (Lieutenant Colonel, Retired) offered some reflections today on his life’s journey, which really narrows in on two exciting things.

The first is that he is man of honor and integrity, who boldly proclaims great love for God and country. I am proud to call him ‘my fellow American.’

The second thing is that he hints we may have the opportunity (Lord willing) to call him “Mr. President.”

Today, on his website, Allen West offered some thoughts on his journey entitled “The Doors of Life.”

Read it and weep (tears of joy, mind you.)

“Reflecting upon the closure of one door, as God opened a greater one (one of which I just drove my motorcycle through), I want to share with you that we should not run away from trials, travails, and tribulations. We should count them all joy as we are being perfected for a greater purpose. A diamond is but a rock until it undergoes intense pressure and heat. Steel is purified by intense heat. We cannot seek to live a life where our goal is to go from one oasis to another. Sometimes we have to cross a desert in order to develop inner strength.

Many are asking me to consider a huge undertaking. If God had not placed a challenge before me and closed one door, perhaps a new mission would not be possible. Here I am, traveling along the same path I took in December 2003. I am traveling with my “Band of Brothers” and meeting my beloved countrymen and women along the way, sharing my perspectives as well.

A new door has opened and faithfully I walked through it. This morning a couple of our Motor Marshalls, former NC Highway Patrolmen, expressed their delight in my publicly sharing my faith. I told them I have no choice. I ain’t perfect, but I do know that God guides my steps and protects my family.

We did not stop to rest back in December 2003, but today I had the opportunity to reflect upon those doors that have opened for me. Where will this journey lead me? Only God knows. What a journey it has been so far!

Why do I remain so committed amidst all the hateful speech and attacks aimed at me? Simple. “‘No weapon forged against you will prevail, and you will refute every tongue that accuses you. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and this is their vindication from me,’ declares the LORD” (Isaiah 54:17 NIV). So I press on and thank God for this moment to reflect upon the doors of life.

Day 6 tomorrow: into Louisiana and stopping in Nawlins!

And to all of you who have asked me that one question, well, I will consider and be in prayer about it, and chat with Angela.

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