Who would have thought that Facebook and YouTube would get behind Kirk Cameron’s new film Unstoppable? You might be saying to yourself, “That’s not what I’ve been reading. YouTube pulled the trailer for the film and Facebook had blocked fans from posting any links to the website promoting his film because the content was labeled ‘abusive and unsafe.’”

And that’s the funny part. In doing this, the two social media giants brought unwanted attention to the film. Idiots! But we love them for it.

Articles about the actions have been circulating the story. The last time I checked Kirk Cameron’s Facebook page there were more than 34,000 likes and 20,000 shares of the story. Each share means multiple views. Who knows how many of these people shared it with their friends.

Eventually Facebook relented. Here’s what Kirk wrote:

“Victory!! Friends, you did it! People tried to stop ‘Unstoppable’ on Facebook, and because millions of us joined together as one voice, Facebook has apologized and and welcomed us back! You all just demonstrated to the press (they are all calling me to talk about your amazing response!) that the communities of faith, hope, and love are, well… unstoppable.”

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