Operation Fast and Furious continues to be an ongoing saga. Today reports are out that sentencing of straw gun buyers, involved in the operation, will be taking place shortly and on the governments side of things, ATF officials involved in Fast and Furious have had their security clearances revoked and criminal charges are pending against them.

First, SeattlePI.com reports:

The case against the gun smuggling ring has progressed in court much faster than the case against the men accused of killing Terry.

So far, 15 of the 20 people charged in the gun case pleaded guilty to charges. Most of those who admitted guilt are straw buyers who said they falsely claimed that guns they bought were for them, when they were actually purchased for the ring. One of the ring’s organizers also has pleaded guilty.

Three people who pleaded guilty in the case will be sentenced on Dec. 10, while six admitted straw buyers — including one who bought two guns that were found at the shootout scene — will be sentenced on Dec. 12.

Records show a Jan. 3 trial has been set for five other alleged ring members, including a man accused of being a ring leader, two alleged recruiters and a straw buyer who is accused of illegally buying 245 guns.