My biggest concern is not in what I am not being told about Boston. My greater concern is that I have already been told too much and I have to wonder why…

The usual sources are sounding the alarms…

Glenn Beck is giving The White House until Monday to admit that it is part of a cover up for the Saudi national who is headed home. Does he have proof of his claims? Time will tell.

Alex Jones is working out his theory that this was a false flag attack. Can Jones prove it? I’m not sure it matters. No matter what discrepancies he is able to show, 90% of the American people are not ready to believe that their government could be up to such a thing. The only people who support conspiracy theorists, tend to be other conspiracy theorists.

All of the information is interesting and worthy of discussion but I want to take a step back today. It is not always the “unseen” that we need to be concerned about. Sometimes the facts that have been released are the real reason for alarm.

When is the last time you remember our government making serious mistakes and not trying to cover them up?

Think about that seriously. Benghazi is a perfect example. I think most Americans who follow the story know, in their hearts, that they will probably never know the whole truth. Facts have been leaked slowly and people have had to fight to secure information, which is still very limited. This is normal in America. Getting this government to openly admit mistakes is like pulling teeth from a tiger. You can’t simply hit Obama and company with a tranquilizer dart. Marlon Perkins wouldn’t know what to do either.

I am not saying it doesn’t happen, but it certainly does not happen often and rarely this quickly. Since when has any branch of the federal government been quick to raise their hand and say “my bad?”

It is with my darkest cynical mind that I have to ask some questions today that no one seems to be asking.

Let’s just look at what we already know about the brothers who are suspects in the bombing:

  • They are being portrayed as militant Muslim jihadists.
  • The older brother, Tamerlan, was named after a great Islamic warrior.
  • Their mother, though she insists that her children were innocent, has a criminal record as a shoplifter.
  • They come from a known breeding ground for Islamic extremists.
  • The older brother has domestic violence charges on his record, yet the system failed to deport him.
  • Both had very questionable “social networking” profiles and activity and surprisingly enough, their profiles were left up for all to see. As of the last time I checked these accounts had still not been disabled.
  • The FBI was warned about the older brother and interviewed him but concluded that he was no threat.

This list could go on but anyone following this story already knows how the Tsarnaev brothers have been portrayed by the media. Whether they are guilty or not is beside the point. They are already guilty in a court of public opinion.

I think that is the big story here. The fact that public knows so much already isn’t necessarily a case of great journalism, because even a hack blogger like myself could stumble upon this information by accident, it’s simply a case of a lot of clues being conveniently left for us to find. There is a plethora of information out there that makes it look like this could have been avoided if the authorities had done their jobs, and that may be the real story here.