Pay no attention to that rogue federal department behind the curtain. Pay attention only to Obamacare. It’s all about Obamacare. Everyone concentrate on Obamacare.

What ever do I mean? Is the Obama administration, as they always do, trying to avert our attention yet again? In a word, yes. Obamacare is a total disaster and all eyes should be focused on it. But Obamacare is serving a second devious purpose. It distracts us from other administration shenanigans. Distraction has become an art form for them.

So where else should we be looking? This time it’s the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). And as the FCC goes rogue, we conservatives should be very worried. Just think about it. Liberals have never been able to compete with conservatives in the “arena of ideas”. And which medium is the consummate arena for ideas and independent thought? Why, it’s Talk Radio of course. That and the explosion of conservative websites and blogs.

Evidently statists have tolerated this for long enough. Just as they charge the EPA with destroying any industry they don’t care for, so are they going to attempt to shut down any and all conservative opposition to their agenda.

The Daily Caller reported that our government, you know, the one with no money, is paying about $1 million to a liberal group, “Social Solutions International”, for a study entitled, “Multi-market Study of Critical Information Needs”.

In May of this year, FCC chairwoman, Mignon Clyburn, daughter of ultraliberal hack and race baiter, James Clyburn claimed, “The FCC has a duty to make sure that the industries it regulates serve the needs of the American public… the research design we announce today is an important next step in understanding what those needs are, how Americans obtain the information critical to their daily lives in a dynamic technological environment, and what barriers exist in our media ecologies to providing and assessing this information”.

And who decides what those needs are? Why of course, our benevolent government.

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