Every time you think the Obama Administration has gone as low as it can go, they unveil another layer in the vain, vapid and childish onion that is the Executive Branch under Barack Hussein Obama.

In a move that is being driven by monumental hubris,  the Obama Administration has informed Florida charter boat operators that they are not allowed to take customers fishing in the Florida Bay until the feds get back to work. The Park Service has verboten use of 1,100 square miles or prime fishing between the tip of Florida to the Keys.

They’ve prohibited access to the ocean.

Heck, why not the air? There’s air in those national parks that belongs to the federal government — not the people, the government.

It’s been clear since before it started that the shutdown was just theater and that Obama would try to make it as painful as possible for us little people.

We’ve seen this with the closing of national parks, the barricading of national monuments. The images of elderly WWII veterans being blocked from visiting the memorial dedicated to them has angered people across the country.

When the veterans tore down the barricades the first day, the Park Service went back and put up stronger fences with double locks.

It’s all about hurting the common people for Obama and his Democrat cronies. We’re just pawns in the game the president is playing to preserve his monstrous legacy, the laughably named Affordable Care Act, and push through yet another raising of the equally laughable debt ceiling.

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