In what amounts to another bonehead decision by the Department of Homeland Security and the Transportation Security Administration, airline passengers will soon be permitted to carry small knives, hockey sticks, two golf clubs and pool cues on board commercial airliners.

Just about the time the flying public became accustomed to stashing their small Swiss Army Knives and nail clippers in their luggage, now these items are going to be allowed to be personally carried on board airplanes. Janet Napolitano says that the changes are to be more aligned with “international” security standards. Really?

You can soon bring your favorite pool cue on the airplane, but you still can’t bring a bottle of water or a Pepsi on board. What sense does that make? The last time I flew I noticed a sign advertising that passengers 75 years old or older didn’t have to take their shoes off? Why is that? Has there never been a documented terrorist 75 years of age or older? Why not let everyone keep their shoes on unless they are male Muslims between 20 and 40 years old, the typical profile of an Islamic terrorist?

It’s true that small Swiss Army type knives that can be attached to key rings pose little danger to the flying public. But, 10 hijackers all armed with small knives they place to the throat or eyes of five airline flight attendants would pose a significant problem. The same goes for souvenir baseball bats that are essentially wooden clubs that can be used to beat someone to death. Not to mention the damage the handle end of a pool cue could do. They are almost identical in size and weight of a police baton and could disable someone by striking his head, knees and shins.