President Obama has said that he would “do whatever it takes” to avoid the fiscal cliff. However, on Monday, his lackey, Jay Carney, made it clear that Obamacare will not be on the table for fiscal negotiations.

Sure, why go after the ever-widening money pit when we can just hit up the taxpayers?

Obama is not interested in doing anything in the way of negotiating, but has, instead, opted to grandstand and campaign to dupe the American people into believing that tax hikes are good things. This is not a war of ideas, but a war of propaganda.

After a question regarding John Boehner’s desire to put Obamcare on the table for negotiations, Carney stated,

“I would note that as we have in the past, although it’s often overlooked by those who have advocated for repeal, the Affordable care Act reduces the deficit considerably. And when we’re talking about deficit reduction and taking a balanced approach to deficit reduction, it’s important to remember that fact.”

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