There sure have been a lot of cries of racism thrown about recently, from Elijah Cummings trying to obstruct his own congressional committee (now we know why, the dirty crook), to Obama and Holder blaming racism when the sky isn’t blue enough, to the old sadsack Hank Aaron who seems to think the fire hoses will be turned on him any minute, even though that was the work of the first black president, Bill Clinton’s mentor, Bull Connor.

All this nonsense got me to thinking about the different kinds of black Americans.

Now before anyone flies off the politically correct handle, let me explain.

First, what I will not do is apologize for daring to even broach the topic. I’m not going to exclaim, “I am not a racist” as too many guilty white folk do. That’s a cop-out and it also inherently accepts the liberal premise that if you don’t say that, you are automatically a racist – no question. Well, I reject that premise and the default position.

I will also not claim that some of my best friends are blacks. They are not, although a few friends I work out with are not just black but are real African-Americans – one originally from Nigeria and two from the Sudan. All good guys! So there!

Anywho, I’ve come up with what I consider five categories of black Americans today, ideologically speaking.

First are the older blacks like the aforementioned baseball great Hank Aaron, who evidently has no forgiveness in his heart and like many today, appears to look for ways to be racially offended. Hey Hank, this isn’t the 1960s! To what end does he hang onto those disgusting racially charged letters that were written 40 years ago?

Second are the older blacks like Walter Williams, Thomas Sowell and the late great Reverend and pro football star Ken Hutcherson. He is a perfect example of that generation, for he actually lived the nightmare of real racism. He even started playing football as a way to legally beat up on white people, but later in life let the anger go and learned to love instead of hate. He was a great man.

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