Flight attendants are asking airline passengers to petition the White House as part of an effort to get the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to reverse its decision to allow small knives on planes.

The Coalition of Flight Attendant Unions, which represents some 90,000 flight attendants, is handing out leaflets at airports across the country, encouraging passengers to sign a “No Knives on Planes” petition on the White House website.

“Before the morning of September 11, 2001, the threat of using commercial aircraft as a weapon was unknown,” the petition states.  “At great cost, we know better today. The TSA was created because blades on airplanes were used to cause this deadly attack on U.S. soil.”  (The 9/11 hijackers used box cutters to gain control of the airplanes before flying them into the World Trade Center and Pentagon.)

“There’s no excuse for reversal on the policy to ban knives from the aircraft cabin,” it states.

“Flight Attendants serve as the last line of defense in aviation security — responsible for ensuring the safety, health and security of the passengers in our care,” the petition continues.  “Join us in keeping our aircraft cabin safe. TELL THE TSA TO KEEP KNIVES OUT OF THE CABIN.”

As of early Tuesday morning, the petition had 42,926 signatures. It needs 100,000 signatures by April 5 to generate a White House response.

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