As Election Day 2012 is only days away and we contemplate all it means to us as a nation, I’ve found it surprising that some people are still undecided while other voters are still contemplating writing in their third-party candidate.  This election may very well mean the difference between liberty and tyranny and to risk another four years of the Obama regime to prove a point, well who does that hurt exactly?   With the clear realization that a 3rd party candidate can’t win, let’s take a look at the two candidates who are actually in the battle for the presidency.

Although much of President Obama’s past is still hidden from the American public, we know he has a list of shady friends and mentors all the way back to his childhood and that one of those mentors is an avowed Communist, Frank Marshal Davis.  We know about his relationships with known criminals Bernadine Dorhn, Bill Ayers and his friend and mentor of 20 years, Black Liberation Theology Pastor Jeremiah Wright (who regularly “damned America” from his pulpit).

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