Making a mere $8 an hour to give attitude to customers just isn’t enough to make it these days, and now these schlubs are looking for $15 an hour. Hey, why not tack on some “free” healthcare and a fat pension while you’re at it?

What could possibly go wrong, other than mass layoffs?

After three years of working at the McDonald’s restaurant on 51st Street and Broadway, Alterique Hall earns $8 an hour — and is yearning for something better.

So when he heard about an unusual campaign that aims to unionize dozens of fast-food restaurants in New York in the hope of raising wages to $15 an hour, Mr. Hall, 23, was quick to sign on.

“It’s time for a change,” he said, “It’s time to put on the gloves.”

Maybe it’s time to get an education and move up in the world. It’s not as if McDonald’s has always been seen as a lifetime employer.

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