Dan Bongino has worked as a New York City Police Officer and member of the Secret Service where he was assigned to guard Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama.  He is an ambitious man with a passion for his family and his country.

While working with the New York Police Department, Dan used his vacation time attend City University of New York, earning a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in psychology.  His field of study centered on neuro-psychology and behavioral learning.  He graduated with honors at the NYPD academy and in college.

While working with the Secret Service, he obtained a second Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Penn State.  At the Secret Service academy, he graduated with honors.  After several years in the field, he became an instructor where he was the project manager in charge of re-designing the investigative tactics training program.  He received several commendations for his efforts in researching and implementing changes in the investigative training program and how they relate to trends in federal crimes.

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