On last night’s show, Tucker Carlson spoke with Juan Williams about his opinion piece suggesting that Trump’s impeachment risk continues to rise.

In his introduction, Carlson describes some of what Mr. Williams proposes in the article:

“…that republicans are in no hurry to defend Trump given his low approval numbers, while evidence that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia ‘supposedly’ increases every day.  Williams also boldly says democrats have made themselves look apolitical in recent months, which presumably will give them moral authority if they actually attempt to impeach Trump.”

Are you thinking – “WOW…this has got to be an exaggeration?”  How can two people view a situation and see completely different things?

While there has been much discussion and finger-pointing concerning Trump’s alleged collusion with Russia – there has been NO evidence offered.  BUT, as Tucker points out, there is actual evidence that Trump and people in his orbit were caught up in U.S. surveillance – and that their ‘unmasking’ was ordered by Susan Rice.   Mr. Williams suggests that Susan Rice was doing her job and that Tuckers perception of the illegality of her actions is just a conspiracy theory.

Still – it’s this bit about Democrats remaining apolitical that is the most shocking.  Does Mr. Williams really believe that?   I wonder what his take on the Democrats’ opposition to Judge Gorsuch’s confirmation is, because it appears that its merely ‘political.’

One thing is clear – the differences in how Tucker Carlson and Juan Williams view what is going on in Washington likely highlight exactly what is going on in America today.   In politics – truth is relative.