It seems lately that the Tea Party has been losing and losing a lot.

We freedom loving patriots have been beaten down, each time to pull ourselves back up only to be vilified in the press, derided by the Democrats and undermined by the Republicans.

But as discouraged as we may be at times, we must hang in and continue to fight for our country and posterity. Yet with all our efforts it seems we lose battle after battle.

Well, there’s a new battle on the horizon and will be upon us quickly: the 2014 elections.

George Washington said, “Discipline is the soul of an army. It makes small numbers formidable…”

He is of course correct. A small, highly motivated force can do seemingly miraculous things and this is what the Tea Party must become, now more than ever.

We may be relatively small in number, but properly motivated and disciplined, we can begin to beat back the progressives that seek to destroy us. And they do wish to destroy us!

The local, state and national elections of 2014 can be our Battle of Trenton.

The Battle of Trenton was rather minor but yet possibly the major turning point of the Revolutionary war.

Worldwide, most would recognize the large iconic painting of Washington crossing the Delaware. The painting depicted Washington and his ragtag army crossing from Pennsylvania to New Jersey on Christmas night, 1776.

Prior to that fateful night, Washington’s Continental Army had suffered defeat after disastrous defeat and had gained no major victory. Sound familiar?

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