States frustrated by federal overreach have been taking action to nullify laws coming from Washington, D.C. — but the efforts may prove futile given long-standing court precedents dictating that states can’t overturn federal law.

The federal actions under fire range from Obamacare and gun control laws to a controversial detention measure contained in a defense authorization bill.

In one example, the South Carolina House passed the “Freedom of Health Care Protection Act” to exempt state residents from Obamacare requirements. The bill went to the state Senate in mid-February.

If approved and signed by the Republican governor, the law would prohibit state dollars from going toward implementation of the federal healthcare reform.

West Virginia in January considered a bill in its House of Delegates to void key facets of Obamacare. And in 2011, Idaho mulled legislation to declare the healthcare reform “void and of no effect” in the state. Arizona, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Georgia are among the other dozen or so states that have considered similar opt-out bills.