On Nov. 5, 2009, Army Major Nidal Hasan went on a shooting spree at Fort Hood, Texas where he was stationed.  Witnesses said he was making Islamic statements as he shot one serviceman/woman after another.  By the time Hasan was taken into custody, he had killed 13 people and wounded 32 others.

His guilt is not a question as he was caught in the act.  Those at the scene believed Hasan’s attack was an act of Islamic terrorism.  Subsequent investigations revealed that he was against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Instead of treating him like the terrorist he was, the Obama administration pushed the Pentagon to declare Hasan’s shootings were an act of workplace violence and not a terrorist act.  He was arrested and treated like any other person accused of murder.

Three and half years later, he still has not been tried for his murderous rampage.  As an active military personnel who has not yet been found guilty of a crime, Hasan continues to collect his full salary as an Army major.  Since the shooting, he has earned $278,000.

If Hasan had been charged with an act of terrorism, he would certainly have been tried and convicted long ago, ending the collection of his pay, and saving taxpayers thousands of dollars.