Ideas have consequences. Choices have consequences. Laws have consequences. Changes in moral certainties have consequences. The hit AMC series Breaking Bad made that abundantly clear and obvious.

We’ve seen how the so-called ‘gay’ rights movement has resulted in certain types of sexual acts becoming protected by law. But most Americans mostly likely tolerated same-sex sex because they believed that what other people did had no immediate effect on them.

A number of cases have shown that these new laws are affecting people with businesses who for moral reasons do not want to support homosexual weddings. Businesses have been fined. Another business had to close its doors.

Former NFL player Craig James who played in the 1980s for the New England Patriots and later became a sportscaster for ESPN was recently fired from his new position at FOX Sports Southwest because of his views on homosexual marriage.

But we’re beginning to see the extreme effects of pushing for normalizing the abnormal and immoral. Here’s a story from Belgium:

“A Belgian woman died by lethal injection this week after she requested to be euthanized following a sex-change operation.

“Nancy Verhelst, 44, known in recent years as Nathan, cited ‘unbearable psychological suffering’ as the reason for her death wish. She had received hormone therapy in 2009, as well as a mastectomy and other surgeries, in her pursuit to transform from female to male.

“However, the surgery left Verhelst feeling dissatisfied, and she did not like the way she looked.”