Mr. Obama is very effective and committed when he wants to be for those causes he thinks merit his attention. Iraq can’t pull him from his vacation resort, he just released more terrorists in Saudi Arabia because he’s not committed to safety, the southern border is porous because of policies like the DREAM Act and he went ahead and had a White House celebration yesterday to laud the success of a a few DREAMers, ignoring the criminal ones. What he does care about is the militant arm of LGBTQ and he is committed to it.

Mr. Obama is drawing up a new executive order to make it impossible to not hire LGBTs. LGBTs are not discriminated against in most jobs but one has to wonder how far he will go and how many lawsuits will result. It’s a wait-and-see on that one. LGBTs should not be discriminated agains. How will he define “discrimination” or how will it be defined by the courts since they both legislate illegally?

My problem with this is he is violating constitutional law by circumventing congress and writing legislation and congress is letting him do it.

Obama, the first gay president, if you ignore President Buchanan, declared June LGBT month. LGBTs are starting to add the “Q” for Queer, making it LGBTQ month but he hasn’t yet.

Obama is drawing equivalence between pride in one’s country to pride in one’s sexual proclivities. This doesn’t raise the value of being LGBTQ, it lowers the value of the US flag. LGBTs aren’t a country.

Obama’s goal of establishing a radical homosexual agenda can be seen in many ways, but flags are probably the most noticeable.

The rainbow flag denoting homosexuality is now being placed just under the US flag as if it were its own country. We are the USA of Gay, like it or not.

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