That’s right – learning about American History is no longer relevant in this “globalizing world”…this according to the faculty of George Washington University.  

As I read this, it struck me was –  is it any wonder these snowflakes don’t understand or appreciate the Electoral College, the Constitution, or the concept of the phrase “Make America Great Again?” 

How embarrassing coming from a college named in honor of our first president.

Heat Street reports – George Washington University has changed its course requirements for history major to no longer include U.S. history, the College Fix reports.

The university’s history department recently introduced new requirements with the stated aim of giving students greater flexibility to pursue their interests, and to “better reflect a globalizing world,” according to faculty.

Requirements in U.S., North American, and European history were eliminated, along with foreign language. Incoming history major will be required to take at least one introductory course, and may choose U.S. history as option. However, like many other universities, GWU allows incoming students to place out of the introductory courses by scoring well on Advanced Placement exams in high school.

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