So here we are, less than a day removed from a McConnell victory in Kentucky. Let the establishment gloating begin, for now.

So this is what will happen if McConnell wins reelection and the Republicans take control of the Senate.

John Boehner will remain Speaker of the House and McConnell will become Senate majority leader. The establishment will lock up the government and will then be free to collude with Harry Reid and the Democrats behind closed doors.

Obamacare will absolutely become a permanent fixture and will not be recalled, replaced or defunded in any way. Rather, the new Republican majority will suggest and promote little changes that merely trim around the edges of the disaster, like trimming the crust off slice of bread. It just appears to be more palatable, but is still just a piece of bread. It will be a nationwide VA medical system for all.

By reelecting these clowns, there are evidently enough people in America that believe themselves to be have-nots and more than enough Republican voters who are dumb enough to be fooled by the old establishment.

Are Republicans that vote for the old guard RINOs really too stupid to see that going along to get along never works for long? Eventually one must make a stand or fall or join in the mayhem.

Evidently, voters don’t realize this time it is different – different from opposing FDR or the upstart hippie movement of the 60s. This time the hippie communists are in charge. The 60s radicals are the Executive Branch of the government – I mean the entire executive branch, from the president to the cabinet and through virtually every bureaucratic department.

Do we really expect that a McConnell led Republican majority will stand up to Obama? Not likely. I’ll even go one better and say – no chance!

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