It will be a miracle if tens of thousands of people don’t have their ID stolen by Obamacare navigators.

The government is looking to eventually hire as many as 140,000 navigators without background checks and with inadequate training.

The website is woefully inadequate and remarkably unsecured and it will be handled at times by people who come from some questionable organizations. Fake Obamacare websites have already popped up.

The NSA and IRS scandals will look smalltime once this mess explodes on American citizens.

Navigators will be a virtual army of people entrusted with hundreds of millions of financial and personal records.

The navigators will be selected, in some cases, from far-left and corrupt organizations: George Soros’ radical MoveOn group, LaRaza groups, social justice organizations, civil rights groups, radical unions like SEIU, Planned Parenthood and best yet, the criminal organization ACORN. Many universities and medical organizations also received grants to serve as navigators to be fair.

ACORN deserves special mention if their employees or past employees are going to be in charge of our personal information. They are known for their voter fraud drives and corrupt counseling centers. See the video below for more information on that.

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