By Andrew West

The liberal media has been throwing longwinded and pathetic hissy fits over their treatment by the Trump administration in recent weeks.

President Trump has never been a fan of the mainstream media, even as Candidate Trump, and now that he has assumed the role of Commander in Chief, he has been able to reign in their undue sphere of influence.

It seems also that the proverbial government apple does not fall far from the tree, as Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has taken it upon himself to ban the press from his private plane.  While being badgered by the writing press about his decision, Tillerson retorted with an unabashedly glorious response.

“Tillerson was asked by an IJR writer about what exactly he plans to do now that the media has been barred from the world-traveling plane — and he responded perfectly, saying: ‘I spend my time working on this airplane.’

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