The Republican leadership has completely betrayed voters with its latest offers for “deals” on the government shutdown and Obamacare, but it’s still not enough for the Man Who Would Be King.

President Obama in his radio address rejected the latest offer from the House, written chiefly by Paul Ryan, saying it doesn’t go far enough.

The Ryan package of sweet meats would have given Obama virtually everything he’s been demanding during his two-week hissy fit, plus thrown in some bonuses that would have secured Obamacare’s future, but our petulant little tyrant is now looking toward a tastier buffet of goodies from the Senate, which is set to vote on bending over even further.

The past week’s childish rebellion by the GOP establishment against the Tea Party for making guys like John McCain and John Boehner look like the lazy, angry sots they are has resulted in the latest proposals, which would pass a Continuing Resolution to stop the “shutdown,” give Obama an increase in the so-called debt ceiling, and fund Obamacare.

The Paul Ryan plan would have made changes in Obamacare to ease the impacts on unions, which in recent months have been pulling away in their support for socialized medicine once members realized Obamacare would destroy their “Cadillac” health plans and raise their rates, just like it would do to the rest of America. By giving the unions special treatment, Ryan would have secured their support for Obamacare, helping to ensure the future of mediocre health care for America.