The mainstream media’s rush to give Hillary Clinton a platform to pitch her new memoir, Hard Choices, has provided the likely 2016 presidential candidate almost $50 million in free advertising, according to a GOP memo.

And, said the Republican National Committee, none of the media outlets that have gushed about the book and given the former secretary of state a chance to discuss her agenda and defend her record have offered the GOP rebuttal time.

“Almost $50 million. That’s the amount of free media Hillary Clinton has received so far on her ‘book tour.’ (And not one network has provided time for a Republican response),” said the memo from RNC Communications Director Sean Spicer.

In a shot at the media, he added, “The next time someone is analyzing Hillary Clinton’s place in the polls, remember that no other candidate in the 2016 presidential race will ever get almost $50 million of free, unchallenged earned media.”

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