Each and every time patriots dare imply that the government registers guns for future confiscation, they are derided as right-wing, extremist wackos.  Don’t you believe it!

In New York state, with the passage of the infringing Safe Act, guns were unlawfully seized from David Lewis, 35, who was wrongfully identified as violating the mental health provision of said act.

As written in news:

BUFFALO, N.Y. — Thursday, a state Supreme Court Judge ruled guns seized from David Lewis, 35, must be returned to him after he was incorrectly identified as violating the mental health provision of the SAFE Act.

“We know that from the health care agency to the State Police, there was some kind of breach,” said Lewis’ attorney, Jim Tresmond.
Tresmond says his client was ordered to turn in his weapons last week because he was once on anti-anxiety medication, which is a violation of the SAFE Act. Wednesday, State Police informed the Erie County Clerk’s Office that it made a mistake when it said Lewis was in violation of the state’s new gun law.

But Tresmond says it was no mistake.

“When they targeted David, they not only targeted him by name, they also targeted him by his pistol permit, so they identified him as David Lewis with this particular pistol permit number on the letter that they sent to him,” said Tresmond.

This is just the first gun grab, and it is frightening beyond belief. Anyone who remembers the timeline of WWII and the Nazi regime will recognize the ominous consequences of such laws. New York is now the pioneer state re the  match-up of private health records with gun permits to confiscate firearms.

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