By:  Darwin Rockantansky
A quick research reveals that the U.S. Government has been “shut down” a total of 17 times under previous administrations. Close enough for this discussion. Of all the previous government shut downs, I can only recall of one that sticks in my mind and that one sticks with me because of the absurdity upon which the Republican Religious Right forced that one to happen.
Then we are given the current Dip-S***-In-Charge (DSIC) and I do remember his actions when he does not get his way which is exactly what is happening right now. I recall watching a video in which His Lord Shi* said:

“The PROBLEM is that I am the PRESIDENT of the United States; the PROBLEM is that I am not the EMPEROR of the United States.”

And that fact eats at him more and more very day; possibly to the point of insanity.During the last budget battle, the DSIC closed “The Peoples House” because of the “cost associated with conducting White House tours.” That situation continues, but in the interim the DSIC’s Significant Other can take her spawn on a one hundred million dollar ($100,000,000) vacation, and His Lordshi* continues to take campaign style junkets on Air Force One whose operating cost has been calculated at $181,757 PER HOUR. That comes out to about one million dollars ($1,000,000) for each trip from Washington D.C. to the Socialist Nirvana of Mexifornia – EACH WAY. But we still cannot afford to let school children tour the White House.

Today is the first day of the current “government shut down,” and reportedly approximately eighty thousand (80,000) non-essential government employees are being put on what amounts to an eventual paid vacation. Why are We The People paying “non-essential Government employees”?So, what is the very first act of this administration? As of 12:01, one minute after midnight, they turn off the live feed on the pandas. Really?

We send a space explorer into the vast reaches of outer space and it runs unattended for years and years but we cannot afford to leave a normally unattended camera to run in the local zoo? Really?