Meet 55-year-old Jane Juergens, who friends say was an optimistic, friendly, and bubbly person that “cared a great deal about others.”

Now, meet her polar opposite… 16-year-old Jordan Stewart, who according to a Juvenile Court case review, “admits to having ongoing thoughts of violence toward others.”

In Hollywood movies, whenever altruistic Whites cross paths with “at-risk” Black youths, movies such as the Blind Side are produced.However, in real life, these Black youths typically bite the charitable hand that feeds them.Business owner Jane Juergens didn’t know Jordan Stewart when she crossed paths with him while jogging on a park trail that was close to her residence and his group home. Even so, he undoubtedly benefited from her tax-dollars because he was a ward of the state. Regardless, her taxpaying status did not prevent Stewart from making her the umpteenth victim of Black-on-White murder since the Trayvon-Zimmerman reality show ended.And like the other Black-on-White violent incidents, specifically homicides, there will be no national news coverage, DoJ investigation, nor Obama comparing the White victim to a hypothetical relative.  Don’t hold your breath waiting for him to emote, “If I had a sister, she’d look like Jane Juergens.”