By: Rusty Weiss

Liberals can’t seem to catch a break. Even their once tried and true method of foot-stomping, bullying, and boycotting of people with opposing views is failing miserably these days.

Take Jackie Evancho for instance. The teen musical phenom whose incredible run on America’s Got Talent brought her notoriety, announced that she’d perform at Donald Trump’s inauguration.

Liberals immediately went apoplectic, predicting the move would destroy Evancho’s career:

There’s even a Boycott Jackie Evancho Facebook page promoted by liberals.

Unfortunately for them, Evancho agreeing to perform at the Trump inauguration may have been her best career move to date.

Via IJ Review:

Donald Trump may be having a difficult time trying to find performers for his inauguration on January 20th, but there’s one singer who is putting politics aside – and it’s paying off…literally.

… Jackie Evancho, a runner-up on the show “America’s Got Talent,” put all politics aside and says she will perform the national anthem at the celebration, despite other A-lister’s objections.

Now, she’s getting another big boost thanks to her commitment to sing at Trump’s inauguration.

In fact, Jackie’s latest album, “Someday at Christmas,” is #1 on Billboard’s Classical Albums chart. TMZ reports that her weekly album sales quadrupled in digital sales and retailers had to restock twice to keep up with demands.

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