It’s not uncommon for companies to engage in public service. The more cynical of them do it just for publicity, but many actually want to give back something to the community around them.

Even so, it’s remarkable when a company is so intent on standing up for what’s right that its owners are willing to risk government reprisals to do it.

That’s what makes it laudable that dozens of gun companies are stepping forward to level the playing field in light of current government efforts to take away Americans’ rights under the Second Amendment.

Two weeks ago, The Blaze ran a story about a handful of gun companies that have decided not to sell weapons to law enforcement in New York and other states that restrict firearms for civilians.

Since that story first ran, the list of companies signing on to the gun-control resistance has more than quintupled. At this writing, The Blaze reports that it has been contacted by enough companies to bring the count up to 44. (This is a current list of companies we know of)

Typical of the companies’ positions is this statement from Citizen Arms:

“Due to legal, ethical and moral concerns, Citizen Arms offers only those custom firearms that are legal for all lawful citizens of a given state to possess, regardless of law enforcement status. LE personnel living in states where citizens must have restrictive features will only receive like product support from Citizen Arms. We’re very appreciative of the sacrifices made by the law enforcement community but we’re even more appreciative of the right guaranteed to all law-abiding US citizens by the Second Amendment to the US Constitution.”