Just one year after the District of Columbia passed a law making it slightly less expensive to register a handgun, the liberal city council is trying again to discourage gun ownership by making it prohibitively expensive.

On Thursday, the D.C. Council will hold a hearing on a bill proposed by Mary M. Cheh to require gun owners to buy liability insurance. The legislation, introduced in March, would force potential gun owners to get a policy of at least  $250,000 before the city would consider their applications to register a firearm.

If this bill passes the full council, D.C. will be the first jurisdiction in the country to require gun owners to carry insurance.

“Conjuring new gun control schemes and further taxing law-abiding residents exercising a constitutional right will not result in a reduction of violent crime in the District. Ensuring that criminals are arrested, prosecuted and punished will,” said the National Rifle Association’s spokesman Andrew Arulanandam. “Regrettably, D.C. leaders are focused more on pushing their political and social agendas than on working to keep their residents safe.”

The insurance has to “specifically cover any damages resulting from negligent acts, or willful acts that are not undertaken in self-defense, involving the use of the insured firearm while it is owned by the policyholder.”