Several months ago, after the devastating attack in Newtown, CT, the media seemed sure that Congress and the President would get together and pass some kind of gun control legislation. The gun grabbers were in full throat and they smelled blood in the water. The Democrat Party thought that we might be embarking on a new age of Clinton where the American populace would gladly give away pieces of their 2nd Amendment rights for the hope that taking guns from law abiding citizens would make us all a little safer. However, now the gun grabbers seem to be losing ground… what happened?

When President Clinton signed the Brady Bill in 1993 and then rammed through the Assault Weapons Ban (AWB) in 1994, he had a public that generally supported some of the measures. Even so, the measures were part of the reason the Republicans swept to power in the 1994 midterm. The American people felt that the government had overreached and needed to be corrected.

Now, some 20 years later, the Democrat Party is seeing the same kind of push-back that they felt in 1994. It may not be to the same extent, but that’s in large part because the Democrats were not able to pass any of their gun control efforts. The American people have learned since 1993 those gun control efforts do little to stop crime, and that, quite conversely, violent crime and gun crime incidences have fallen steeply since the end of the AWB in 2004.

The media and others warned Republicans that failure to pass gun control legislation would now lead to their demise, because the public would not stand for inaction after the horrible events at Newtown. It seems that they were very wrong. It has not been the Republicans facing repudiation for proposed gun control legislation, but the Democrats who are seeking shelter from the fallout.

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