Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL), who suggested on Monday that “every institution” in America should ignore the nation’s immigration laws until Congress passes amnesty legislation, said President George W. Bush will go down as the last Republican president in history if Congress does not act on immigration. 

“I give you George W. Bush–the man who will go down in history as the last Republican president in American history,” Gutierrez said Tuesday on the House Floor.

He added:

If you do nothing on immigration, I guess you can take comfort in knowing that from Abraham Lincoln to George W. Bush, you had a pretty good run. Freeing the slaves, winning the Civil War, the interstate highway system–those all go in the highlight column.

Suggesting that he was offering Republicans helpful advice, Gutierrez said that if Republicans in the House do not act on amnesty legislation, the only thing children in the future will know about Republicans as “a national party will be what they read in the history blogs.”


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