Yes, prepare the kingdom for the coronation of the new monarch of the moderates.

Chris Christie won big in New Jersey and now has his sights firmly set on the White House.

He won in a liberal state with the backing of the Republican Party and Chamber of Commerce, none of which he needed to defeat a weak Democrat with virtually no party support.

It’s almost as if the Democrats wanted Christie to win.

At the same time the Republicans spent very little to help the conservative Ken Cuccinelli in Virginia. And the Chamber of Commerce; how much did they spend on the Cuccinelli campaign? Zip!

So why on earth would the Libs want Christie to win? Heck, Obama even called to congratulate Christie, you know, cause they are such good buddies. Frankly, I’m half surprised Obama didn’t join Christie on the campaign trail.

And why are the Republicans so excited about Christie? Well, the Republicans both fear and loathe conservatives much more than they dislike Democrats. They are scared to death of Ted Cruz and Mike Lee.

They see Cruz and Lee as hardliners. These two will not compromise away their core beliefs, mostly because they have core beliefs. Something completely foreign to the moderate Republican politician or pundit. That and the Republican leadership can’t “control” them. Cruz and Lee have this odd notion of working for the people, not the party. Shocking!

As observant conservatives we find it easy to recognize those who frighten the Democrats and who don’t. John McCain and his running mate Sarah Palin were perfect examples. Until they had to, the press and the Dems treated McCain, the great aisle crosser, with respect. They still do. Palin, on the other hand, was and is constantly savaged by the press, the Dems and the Republicans.

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