The Koch Brothers will never buy Harry Reid.

That’s a job for Tom Steyer and Michael Bloomberg. Bloomberg had donated $2.5 million to Reid’s Senate Majority PAC (aka Keep Harry Reid Senate Majority Leader) and now Tom Steyer has doubled that with a $5 million donation.

Your move Bloomberg. The winner gets to own a real live (mostly) United States Senator.

Steyer recently donated $5 million to Senate Majority PAC, the pro-Democratic Super PAC run by former Reid aides, making him the single largest contributor to the group.

The transaction is related to Steyer’s broader effort to buy American democracy for $100 million and block construction of the wildly popular Keystone XL pipeline.

Listen up kids, billionaires influencing the political process is wrong. Absolutely wrong. Unless they’re liberal billionaires like Bloomberg, Steyer, Bezos, Soros and the rest of the Democracy Alliance gang.

As of last month, Mr. Steyer and his wife, Kat Taylor, were the top source of super PAC money in the country this election cycle, contributing a total of more than $11 million.

But umm… the Koch Brothers. Something, something.

At least we know that Harry Reid is an honest man who would never trade political favors for cash. Never!

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