Harvard Law School professor Lawrence “Larry” Lessig launched a political action committee this month that will raise millions of dollars in an attempt to prevent political action committees – except his – from influencing elections.

The Daily Caller is not making this up.

The Harvard professor is Lawrence Lessig, reports Campus Reform. His super PAC is called the Mayday PAC.

In an inaugural video about his anti-super PAC super PAC, the left-leaning Lessig swears he totally doesn’t have an agenda except that he detests “a healthcare system that costs too much and does too little” and he believes “climate change remains totally unaddressed.” Except that. And a bunch of other stuff.

Much like Lessig, Lessig complains, “politicians still spend endless time raising money.”

He is also bothered by the fact that politicians raise money “from the tiniest fraction of the ‘one percent.’”

Lessig then announces that he will match small monetary donations from regular people with a few huge contributions from ultra-wealthy supporters he refuses to name.

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