Think the past three months of state and the federal dysfunction, policy cancellations and premium increases have been a bad dream? Wait till New Years Day ushers in non-covered patients at hospital emergency room nightmares and more cases of insecure-exchange-related identity thefts. Not to mention the horror story awaiting the imposition of the King Obama-delayed-employer mandate next fall and the extent of the disaster that is Obamacare becomes ever more clear.

Yesterday we witnessed the truly surreal spectacle of HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius “encouraging” supposedly private insurance companies to cover customers after the first of the year even if they haven’t confirmed receipt of premium payments. The wealth of nations of which Adam Smith wrote in 1776, and which the United States created in historic amounts for 237 years thereafter, wasn’t accomplished with government encouragement such as this:

We know that over five million Americans have had insurance plans they liked cancelled since the insurance and individual mandates took effect on October 1. We know that no more than 300,000 (and probably a lot less) have signed up for insurance on state and federal exchanges as of yesterday. We know that those exchanges haven’t the capacity to handle but a small fraction of the remaining uninsured before the kickoff of the Rose Bowl, yet our government, the Obama administration, drifts like zombies toward the disaster that awaits.

A rational people represented by a rational chief executive and legislature would act now to stop the inevitable.