Turn on your computer. Bring up your Internet home page or get a newspaper and take a look. Somewhere on your homepage or in the paper you are likely to see, “Black teen(s) shoot/beat… fill in the blank”.

I’m don’t know if it’s happening more often, but it sure is making headlines.

We’ve all seen them. Three black teens shoot a visiting Australian that was just out for a jog. Why did they do it? Because they were bored.

Black teens beat to death and 88-year-old Second World War veteran with flashlights.

Two black teens shoot a 13 month old baby. A baby? Why? There can be no reasonable explanation.

A black mob beat a man to death in Des Moines Iowa. In Iowa!

What the heck is going on? The black on black violence in Chicago is said to be of epidemic proportions. And to top it off a punk like Trayvon Martin is idolized and lionized by the “black community”.

So this is what we think of young black men. This is what we hear and see due to reporting. Are there no stories of young black men actually succeeding, you ask? Why yes, yes there is.

A young black man in Hazelwood Missouri is just that success story. His name is Jaylen Bledsoe and he is a 15-year-old high school student.

What did he do? While other kids, mine included, are playing sports, video games, listening to their obnoxious music (yes – I am my father. Thanks pop) or just hanging out with their friends, this young man started his own business… at the age of 12.

No, it wasn’t (isn’t) a lemonade stand or lawn mowing service. This 12-year-old started his own Information Technology (IT) company, Bledsoe Technologies.

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