The “Hawks” have aligned and are ready for war. All the administration heavy hitters have come out swinging. Throughout the halls of the White House and Congress there is a “Call to Action”.

Isn’t it great that progressives always want “action”, although it must be the correct action, as defined by them and must be action by those approved to act, also defined by them.

Yet less than a decade ago the Bush administration was warning us of Syria’s Assad. Strangely though, there was no “Call to Action”. The exact opposite, in fact.

Many of the same “Hawks” of today were “doves” not too long ago.

In 2005 then Senator Barack Milhouse Obama grilled ambassador John Bolton regarding Syria. Bolton was trying to warn us of Syria’s progress in developing WMD and that they would pose a threat to the Middle East region and beyond.

Obama accused Bolton of “pushing the envelope” and “seeking to have intelligence conform to your views and that is not good for America’s national security.” Really Senator?

Sen. Obama then stated, “… with respect to assessments of threats in Syria… we can’t afford to cry wolf. When we say there is a threat, people have to believe us.” If the situation were so serious, this would be comedy gold.

He went on to compare it to the overstatement of Iraq’s WMD program. Lest we forget, every intelligence service in the world was convinced of Iraq’s WMD program, which resulted in Bush’s coalition. Where is Barry’s coalition? I’m just asking.

During the Bush years, Obama, Biden, Kerry and the rest were all for diplomacy. That would win the day.

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