Like Evel Knievel, Obama is preparing to do a daredevil jump that has the potential to throw world stability over the edge.

When he gets a bee in his bonnet, nothing can stop Barack Obama. It’s FORWARD no matter what. Currently, the war hawk president is determined to exhibit his unmatched ability to stubbornly disregard advice to exercise caution, and risks bringing the world to the brink of war.

Despite no one being entirely sure how they died, America’s president is determined to prove a point by avenging the deaths of Syrian children gassed to death by God knows whom.

Meanwhile, on the southern border of the nation he is supposed to be focused on, US officials and national security experts claim Iran is busy amassing an “invisible army” of terrorists whose assignment is to infiltrate the US through what Iran calls the “soft belly” of the southern border.

Iran’s goal is to inflict the same sort of devastation on Americans as the gassing Obama is responding to over in Syria.

In the process, Barack Obama seems determined to discount Congress, world opinion, and once again the nearly unanimous will of the American people.

As the haughty one ignores Russia and threatens to refuse to wait for the UN investigators to report on what happened in Damascus, he’s instigating our enemies and placing our ally Israel in a precarious position by imposing Saul Alinsky-like tactics on Syria.

Meanwhile Iran, by way of Islamoriente.com, is busily proselytizing converts who, in response to Obama’s jackassery, will gladly inflict murder and mayhem on American citizens anywhere and everywhere.

The truth is, Obama doesn’t care about what ramifications befall the American people as a result of his pointless bluster. He’s already proven with Obamacare that his personal opinion will prevail despite all opposition.

Barack Obama’s motto is: ‘my will is to be done on earth as it is in my obstinate mind.’

So, as the president is busy calculating how to save face on the world stage, our southern border remains a “soft belly,” and Americans remain sitting ducks as Iran utilizes an advantage provided by the man inexplicably seeking to protect Syria.

Does Barack Obama fail to see how defending DREAMers, pushing for amnesty, and ignoring the daily influx of illegals from points unknown is a natural security threat?
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